What's been happening?

Coombe Road Area and Meadowview and Tenantry has historically been served by the 38 bus ran by Brighton and Hove buses.  This service ran twice hourly up and down Coombe Road and linked the isolated hill communities to the city centre and Brighton station. In addition, the 37b, funded by Brighton and Hove through the Supported Bus Network and ran by Compass Travel, went up Bear Road hourly and linked Meadowview to Queens Park and the Bristol Estate.



In April 2015 Brighton and Hove Buses withdrew the 38 and at short notice Compass Travel began a new route - the number 37 was born. This route runs hourly and links Meadowview with Brighton Station and Bristol Estate. Residents were dismayed at this reduction in service. Many relied on the 38 to access services, get to work, school and the train station, visit family and friends and get to the cemetaries and Sussex Beacon. Residents collected signatures on a petition requesting the council support their need for a regular and direct service.  Residents were then concerned to hear that their evening and weekend service was also at risk.

Residents attended the Policy and Resources Committee of Brighton and Hove Council and presented a deputation detailing why this area needs a bus service that is regular and reliable. 

Compass Travel have recently confirmed that they will continue to run the 37 bus as a commercial route and the 37b as part of the council-funded Supported Bus Network.

Please Click Here to see the full Committee Speech.

Concerns about the future of the bus service, possible reduction in service, concerns about bus real time displays and other questions will be discussed at the public meeting on Monday 19th October.